What OTC Knows to be True

It is how you do things that brings results not just what you do.

Focus on execution excellence
Cultural understanding is vital for effective strategic change planning

Excellence in change execution can only be measured by looking at results

Managing stakeholders’ perceptions and beliefs is as important to success as improving structures and processes

OTC is Different

Partnership in Transformation

Needs in the Market 

Other HR service providers tend to offer specific tools and services as stand alone products. Little help is given in co-ordinating execution effectiveness.

HR strategy and transformation is mostly provided by expensive global consultancies. We provide the same high quality services and will be affordable.

Big consultancies give you cut and paste solutions. They are not flexible in customising solutions for different scenarios or cultures.

OTC Offer

Transformation planning - looking at the full picture to plan the right actions that bring results​.

Execution support - when making recommendations and sending an invoice isn’t enough.

Leadership succession - can be a massive risk. We address this holistically ensuring future pipeline.

Talent assessment and recruitment managed to ensure candidates land well and are set up for success.


Business turnaround - tougher trading environments is where we excel.

M+A and integration - badly done, they destroy value. We pinpoint true synergies for value creation.

Family generational change and governance - is a big challenge. We‘ve managed this with sensitivity time and time again.

Global subsidiaries - need providers like us. We apply and execute global blue-chip solution standards, but bespoke through local knowledge.